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February "Love at Home" Stake Initiative

This month, join our stake and community in a "Love at Home" initiative.

This last year has been difficult for many families in our community. The effects of quarantine, distance learning, and shut downs have left many families in crisis. In this interview, Police Chief Walsh gives us an honest look at what is happening in Menifee and offers some suggestions about how we can help those in need.

Want to join the initiative?

1. Begin by watching this interview with Menifee Police Chief, Pat Walsh and President Michael Gray of the Menifee Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Stake.

2. Join us in fasting for families and children on Sunday, February 7th.

3. Pray for families, children, and inspiration to know who to reach out to.

4. Follow our social media pages for daily updates, quotes, and service opportunities.

Instagram: @GoodnewsofMenifee

Youtube: @Menifee Stake

Facebook: @Goodnews of Menifee

5. Help spread the message of Love at Home through the community by sharing posts on social media (see our social media for prompt ideas) and by using the hashtag #februaryloveathome.

We appreciate Chief Walsh's time and look forward to spending the month helping lift the community of Menifee through prayer, fasting, and serving our neighbors.

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